Welcome to My World

Gratuitous, obligatory intro: I’m a MilSpouse who loves coffee, works with homeless veterans, voices my opinions regularly throughout social media and just opened a merch store.

Why start a blog? The things I write are too long for the attention span of most people. I figured I would give this whole blogging deal a try. I’m also a singer, an ACTUAL chef, a mom, dog mom, and have a MILLION things to say. Sometimes I’m snarky, hilarious (to my friends at least), have an overwhelming sense of American patriotism, and eat copious amounts of bacon.

What can you expect from me?

Who knows? Strong opinions about food, coffee, America, veterans or whatever comes to mind. I hope you’ll find it enjoyable or at the very least, find a bit of yourself in my crazy situations. Did I tell you I have crazy weird luck and am the biggest clutz ever? LOL. stick around long enough and you’ll see for yourself.

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