Distractions Whilst Distancing

Good morning lovelies! Just a super quick blog to hopefully put a smile on your face! I’ve seen so many different “challenges” throughout social media during our quarantines. I wanted to share some that I have seen and hopefully put a smile on your face. I’m not one for “celebrity” challenges and they unleashed a … Continue reading Distractions Whilst Distancing

🎶My Carona (Virus)🎶

Never gonna cough, stay inside, we will all be fine
Find more ways to laugh, but wash your hands, for the thousandth time
My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa!
M-m-m-my Carona

Tasting of the Tournament~ Week2

It’s that time again folks! Let me just say, If you aren’t watching Tournament of Champions, are you even living? YOU ARE MISSING OUT! For the second week in a row, Guy Fieri and Food Network did not disappoint. We were given a high octane show. The dreaded Randomizer (Equalizer, Spinning Wheel of Doom) played … Continue reading Tasting of the Tournament~ Week2

Slumber & Slobber

Ahhhhh! It’s Saturday! The day of the week when people sleep in or they decide to go out in search of adventure. I fall into the first category... sort of. No matter how hard I try or need sleep, there is one thing that ensures that doesn’t happen. Or in my case, two things. The … Continue reading Slumber & Slobber

Brewed Beans, Biblical Bewilderment, & Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.The Bible, New Testament, John 1:1 Happy Sunday everyone! Does everyone have their coffee? I’m working on my second pot and feel like an NCIS Special Agent. ☕️ Today, I need some independent counsel in an “ investigation”. I … Continue reading Brewed Beans, Biblical Bewilderment, & Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Final Foodie Friday in February

Now that I’ve gotten alliteration out of the way, let’s discuss another one of my favorite foods. There are few gastronomical delights that are known universally and is thought, by some, to be the “duct-tape” of the food world. The sizzling. The smell that permeates your home. The sensation in your mouth of smoky goodness … Continue reading Final Foodie Friday in February

Sick on a Saturday

Good morning world! Today’s blog is brought to you by ramblings, random movie references, and the maladies of old age. Does anyone else feel old? Today is one of those days for me. It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting sick and the sounds of waking up muddles any chirping of the … Continue reading Sick on a Saturday